Erasmus+ & Etwinning

Programas Erasmus +

En el Proyecto UIPEC, tanto alumnos como profesores adquirirán experiencia en multitud de ámbitos relacionados con la preservación de la artesanía europea, el emprendimiento social, así como las tecnologías que permitan la creación de proyectos innovadores y técnicas para desarrollar todas estas habilidades.

Entre los elementos que se han desarrollado o se han apoyado desde este proyecto se encuentran

Escuelas en el proyecto UIPEC

En el Proyecto GBPE+, tanto alumnos como profesores adquirirán experiencia en multitud de ámbitos relacionados con la Programación con especial énfasis en la inclusión de las alumnas en las nueva tecnologías y desarrollos profesionales de ámbito técnico.

Entre los elementos que se han desarrollado o se han apoyado desde este proyecto se encuentran


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eTwinning es la mayor comunidad europea de docentes y centros escolares. El objetivo de eTwinning es promover y facilitar el contacto, el intercambio de ideas y el trabajo en colaboración entre profesorado y alumnado de los países que participan en eTwinning, a través de las TIC.

Además de ofrecer oportunidades de interacción y formación, docentes y alumnos de dos centros escolares de distintos países europeos pueden desarrollar proyectos de colaboración a través de Internet sobre cualquier tema acordado por los fundadores.

Nuestro centro participa desde hace años en diferentes proyectos de esta plataforma Etwinning, muchos de ellos en colaboración con un proyecto Erasmus+

Aquí teneis algunos de nuestros proyectos eTwinning

  1. Using ICT to preserve European craftmanship
  2. Designthinking: social entrepreneurship between european schools
  3. Entrepreneurial Mindset for a Successful Life
  4. First Aids For A Polluted MED
  5. Fractal Dimension of a Coastline
  6. Intelligence Games for Mathematic Education
  7. Join the Green side 
  8. Zero Waste Schools

Nuestro centro está muy involucrado en los valores positivos que promueve etwinning y hemos sido galardonados por algunos proyectos de forma individual y por proyectos. Ahora mismo estamos en proceso de conseguir el Sello de Escuela Etwinning.

First Aids For A Polluted MED

Our project is about making aware our students and the community about the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea and try to reduce it by re-using and recycling strategies.

Entrepreneurial Mindset for a Successful Life

Labour market researches will be conducted in the regions of each participant.
This project involves teachers, students and business representatives, local authorities.
Training programmes will be developed and published. The students will develop and run their company. The companies will be presented to the local communities.

Using ICT to preserve European craftmanship

The traditional activity of artisans and artisans is part of that valuable European cultural heritage that we have to protect, promote and contribute to their future survival. Craft is an important source of job creation in Europe, but many of these professions are at risk of being lost.
In the report: "Identification of future qualification needs in micro-enterprises and craft enterprises until 2020" the European Commission pointed out numerous reasons that undermined the competitiveness and ability to thrive of craft crafts:

1) Lack of access to general technical and commercial networks.
2) The lack of business training.
3) The little business capacity.

With our project we want to help conserve and disseminate that ancestral knowledge about these artisan crafts, especially those that are in danger of disappearing.

Designthinking: Social entrepreneurship between european schools

Educational systems in general, and schools in particular, must be involved and incorporate those same challenges to contribute to "smart growth" and be able to fulfill one of the functions traditionally entrusted to them: contribute and promote development endogenous of its territory.

For this, the implementation of innovative practices and the implementation of joint initiatives to promote creativity, exchange of experiences and collaborative work at European level are essential. Hence, the vision of this project is to help young people to undertake.
Our mission is: Detect Social entrepreneurship opportunities from collaborative work between European schools.

Join the Green side 

The project is about environmental problems and different ideas how to solve them.

Zero Waste Schools

This project aims at analysing the inside and outside school environment and proposing practical solutions on how to become environmental friendly which will lead to a Zero waste school. Each partner school can propose various short-term and long-term activities throughout the school year in order to compare what is being done in different schools concerning the Zero waste implementations. This could provide each partner school with a series of solutions to improve their school environment.

Fractal Dimension of a Coastline

We will measure the coast using fractal geography that a coastline shows more and more details when the closer we zoom into it.

Intelligence Games for Mathematic Education

İmproving of mathematical thinking exercises in students without course. Increace incomplete attention and concentration level. Improving social and artistic direction , gain the ability to foresee and to discover different ways of solving problems. Mathematic games , pi day, intellingence cube, origami, krigami, kahoot,

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